New Resin Patio: Transforming an Old Concrete garden into a Stunning Resin Patio with new Fence in Dundrum, South Dublin.

Kilcroney paving contractors recently installed this beautiful new resin patio in Dundrum, south county Dublin. This large garden paving project involved the removal of an old concrete garden, installation of a new resin patio, walkway around the home, drainage system, and fencing in the garden.

Revamping outdoor spaces can breathe new life into your home, and Kilcroney Paving Contractors recently showcased their expertise by upgrading an old concrete garden area in Dundrum, South Dublin, into a beautiful new resin patio with a fresh fence. Here’s a step-by-step look at how they created a stunning outdoor haven for their client.

Step by step process for laying this new resin patio with garden fencing

Assessing the Existing Space

We began the project by thoroughly evaluating the existing concrete area. This includes checking for cracks, uneven surfaces, and potential drainage issues. After a detailed assessment, the team excavated the concrete and some of the grass area, removing any debris, moss, and dirt to ensure proper adhesion of the new materials. Understanding the Irish weather that’s mild and often wet, it was important to emphasize proper drainage to prevent water pooling on the new patio or in the garden.

Choosing the Right Materials

The client chose a resin-bound patio due to its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. It also feels soft underfoot making it a great selection for a new back garden patio. Kilcroney Paving Contractors recommended a resin-bound aggregate, a blend of natural stones mixed with a clear resin. This combination creates a smooth, permeable, and hard-wearing surface, available in various colors and finishes, allowing for a bespoke look that complements the home’s style.

Preparing the Base

Once the area was completely excavated and cleaned, the team prepared the base. We laid a new sub-base layer of crushed stone, providing a stable foundation for the resin surface.

Laying the Resin

Kilcroney Paving Contractors meticulously mixed the resin with the aggregate. The blend was then spread evenly over the subbase using a trowel by hand. This requires skill to achieve a smooth, level finish. The team at Kilcroney Paving are very experienced resin paving contractors with hundreds of resin driveways and patios completed.  We leave the resin to cure for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the weather. During this time it’s best to not walk in the area.

Installing the Fence

While the resin cured, the team focused on installing the fence. They selected a wooden fence with concrete frame that offered privacy and a natural look, blending well with the new patio and the surrounding garden. The installation involved securely laying the concrete frame and attaching the panels, ensuring a sturdy and attractive result.

Final Touches

After the resin fully cured and the fence was installed, Kilcroney Paving Contractors added the finishing touches. We created a beautiful cobble stone border around the resin to provide a nice contract to the patio. We smoothed out the soil to allow natural grass and plants to grow in the garden. This type of patio is fantastic because it doesn’t require much maintenance however we recommend to occasionally check for any damage, to keep the new patio and fence looking pristine.

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Kilcroney Paving Contractors successfully transformed an old concrete area into a resin patio with a stylish fence in Dundrum, South Dublin. The careful planning and execution resulted in a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance outdoor space, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the back garden. This is a perfect area to enjoy the long Summer nights and provides a great new living space around the home.

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Resin Patio Before and Afetr: Pictures of the removal of an old conrete garden and installation of a new resin patio with fencing in Dundrum, Dublin.

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