New Tarmac Driveway in Dublin: replacing an old concrete driveway with Tarmacadam paving.

Kilcroney paving contractors recently installed this beautiful new tarmac driveway in Killiney, Dublin. This large garden paving project involved the removal of an old concrete driveway, installation of a new tarmac driveway, new granite steps for entry to the home and drainage system in the garden.

A large garden renovation like this requires careful planning and execution to ensure optimal results. Here’s a step-by-step guide of the installation process for a new tarmacadam driveway:

Step by step process for laying this new tarmac driveway

  1. Site Preparation: The first step involves clearing the existing surface and preparing the site for the new driveway. We broke out and removed the old concrete driveway and all of the vegetation/debris.
  2. New Drainage Installation: We added a new drainage system to the driveway to help remove any excess or standing water from the new driveway surface.
  3. Base Preparation: A solid foundation is crucial for the longevity of a tarmac driveway. We excavated to a suitable depth, and laid 804 hardcore to provide a good base. We compacted the hardcore to provide stability for the tarmac.
  4. Edging Installation: We installed edging along the perimeter of the driveway to help contain the tarmac and prevents it from spreading. We added a granite cobble border around the perimeter which gives a beautiful contrast to the finished driveway. 
  5. Surface Application: We used 5 inches of Ashfield Tarmac to complete the main driveway surface. This tarmac was spread evenly over the driveway surface and then compacted with machine rolling. At Kilcroney Paving we use a specialised roller to provide the highest quality finish for our tarmac driveways.
  6. Curing Time: We allow sufficient time for the tarmacadam to cure and set properly before driving or parking on it. This is typically 1-2 days, depending on weather conditions.
  7. Final Touches: Once the tarmac has fully cured, the driveway is ready for its final touches, In this project we added two bullnose granite steps to help entry and exit from the home.

Are you considering a new driveway or garden project?

If you’re interesting in upgrading your Dublin home’s exterior, look no further than the classic yet stylish option of a tarmac driveway. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, but it also offers durability and ease of maintenance, making it a popular choice among homeowners in Dublin.

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Pictures of the removal of an old conrete driveway and installation of a new tarmac driveway in Killiney, Dublin.

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