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Garden paving: Garden Design ideas for Dublin Gardens

Garden paving: Garden Design ideas for Dublin Gardens

Have you thought about garden paving, or garden patios to brighten up your life this summer?

The days are getting longer and the weather is starting to get warmer. As you begin to dream about your plans for the summer of 2021, what do you think about?

Unfortunately it appears as if it will be another summer with movement restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that you will likely be spending a lot of time in your back garden during the next months.

We are going to speak about things to consider for the best garden paving, and garden patios designs in Dublin this year. Get garden design ideas and then contact Kilcroney paving contractors Dublin to get a free quote and consultation about your new back garden design.

  1. Thinking about a garden paving deisgn
  2. Consider the size in proportion to the house and garden
  3. Think about the function for your garden patio
  4. How will your back garden design flow
  5. Select the best materials for your back garden paving

1. Thinking about a garden paving design

There is a lot of things that you should consider when designing your new garden patio. When it comes to garden patios design there are unlimited ways to design your garden whether it is a small back garden or a large garden.

There are lots of different styles and options available, so it is important to speak to an expert landscaping and paving contractor. Before you go out buying paving slabs, here are some things to consider when setting out your patio area.

2. Consider the size in proportion to the house and garden

The patio is a very important part of the garden. It often forms the link between the house and the garden, and it provides a flat, clean, and comfortable area to relax in the garden. You will want to select the size of the patio to be in proportion to the house and garden.

By considering the size of the garden patio relative to the size of the house and remainder of the garden, it will ensure a great looking garden for years to come.

3. Think about the function for your garden patio

What functions will your new garden patio need to perform? Do you want to host barbeques? Do you want to have an area in your back garden to relax under a heater? Will you require a safe area for your children to play in the garden?

Think about what you want to do in your garden and let that dictate your back garden design. It is also important to consider the size of your garden furniture such as tables, chairs and loungers. After factoring all of this information, make sure that there is enough room to walk around the furniture comfortably.

If you are considering a snug area, it must be big enough to accommodate people but also small enough to feel enclosed and intimate. It is very important to consider all of this before proceeding with your garden paving design.

4. How will your back garden design flow

The flow of you’re your back garden design refers to the way that different elements of your home are connected.

We recommend to have the level of the garden patio the same, or slightly below, the level of the floor of the house. This design will allow seemless movement from one area to the other with a reduced risk of tripping when moving about. This will also help with water drainage in your back garden.

Design your area so that your furniture does not create an obstacle in your route to the shed or the bins.

Consider the sunshine that your garden patio will attract throughout the day. As the sun will be located in different areas of the sky depending on the time of year or time of day, select a garden paving area that is optimized for sunshine at a time that you are likely to be enjoying your patio.

This may mean having some garden paving directly outside the garden patio door which will link to a main patio area in a better position to receive more sunlight.

If there is no choice only to have steps from the patio door down, try to use wide steps with a small “landing pad” directly outside the door. This will make it easier and safer for users.

A step down, or a change of paving material can also be another great tool to use to create a feeling of a different space within a patio area.

5. Select the best materials for your back garden paving

There are so many choices of paving material, including Cobble lock (manufactured, reclaimed or natural), manufactured paving stones (some look really good others a bit tacky), timber decking, composite decking, outdoor tiling, and various imported paving slabs.

Go to the local paving centre and have a good look around and see what you like. Everybody has a different preference for paving materials so make sure that you go and find out what you like.

Try to complement the existing features of the house when choosing a paving material. An existing limestone wall can be complemented by choosing a silver or grey paving slab.

A good choice is always a slab that is subtle and functional but yet stylish. This is key to creating a good patio. You can add plants to provide extra colour and vibrancy to your back garden design.

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