Resin Patio with artificial grass installation in Dublin

In anticipation of the summer months, we recently transformed this back garden with a resin patio and artificial grass.

The transformation of this backyard was a comprehensive project, where we installed a resin patio artificial grass back garden. Simultaneously this combination created a stunning outdoor space that seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. To begin, the first step involved a thorough removal process, clearing away the old lawn, trees, stones, and other elements of the previous garden to create a blank canvas.

The focal point of the renovation was the installation of a resin bound patio. This process included meticulous groundwork to establish a solid foundation for the patio. The team ensured proper leveling and compaction before laying the resin, creating a durable and visually appealing surface. The resin patio not only enhances the overall look of the garden but also provides a low-maintenance solution that withstands the test of time. It is the perfect area to spend time on the long summer nights

Simultaneously, the rest of the garden underwent a transformation to accommodate artificial grass. The old terrain was flattened to create an even surface, and then work was done to provide efficient water drainage. A hardcore layer was put down, followed by a sand base directly beneath the artificial grass, ensuring proper permeability. This  construction not only promotes effective drainage but also enhances the durability of the artificial grass, making it an ideal solution for regions with lots of rainfall and/or water.

Why choose resin Patio with artificial grass?

One of the key advantages of the chosen materials is their permeability, which facilitates excellent water drainage. This feature makes the garden usable and aesthetically pleasing in all seasons, including both summer and winter. The combination of resin patio and artificial grass is particularly well-suited for Irish houses, providing a practical and popular choice for modern back gardens. Overall, this back garden transformation not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also ensures its usability and resilience throughout the year.

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Pictures of resin patio and artificial grass garden from this job by kilcroney paving contractors.

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