new resin surface driveway with wheelchair access​

We completed this beautiful new driveway paving at the end of last year!

our team recently completed a large garden project in Killiney, Dublin. This project was completed for a loyal customer who had previously been delighted with our resin work on their back patio. We began by removing the outdated flower beds and excavating the entire driveway. To ensure improved accessibility, we also widened both sides of the area, allowing for easier entry and exit of vehicles.

One of the primary elements of this project was the installation of high-quality granite curbs and new walling in the backyard. These features not only added a touch of elegance but also improved the functionality of the space. Additionally, we dedicated special attention to accommodate wheelchair users by creating a new level surface, ensuring unrestricted access to the property.

To establish a solid foundation, we laid a 804 Hardcore stone base, using machine rolling for a strong foundation. Afterwards, we laid a new tarmac base, meticulously aligned for perfect levelling. This ensured the stability and durability of the surface, capable of withstanding the elements. On the top of this we laid a beautiful new resin bond surface that looks stunning. We laid the resin on top, paying close attention to ensure a smooth and seamless finish. This greatly enhances the aesthetic of the driveway and garden area making it the perfect finishing touch.

The completed project in Killiney has been a stunning transformation. The customer’s vision had been turned into reality through careful planning, our paving expertise, and attention to detail. The resin surface, in combination with the newly widened driveway and granite curbs significantly improves the overall curb appeal of the property.

The returning customer was overjoyed with the final outcome, expressing their satisfaction with our excellent craftsmanship. This project serves as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of our team, showcasing our ability to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

In conclusion, our team recently undertook a substantial project in Killiney, Dublin, which involved revamping the driveway area for a returning customer. Through meticulous planning and execution, we transformed the space by widening the driveway, installing granite curbs, and creating a new level surface for wheelchair access. Additionally, we laid a 804 Hardcore stone base, followed by a new tarmac foundation and a stunning resin surface. This project demonstrated our commitment to delivering exceptional results and left the customer thrilled with the stunning transformation of their property. You can view the before and after pictures below.

Pictures for the paving on this new resin driveway in Killiney, Dublin.

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