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The 4 best driveway paving trends in Dublin for 2021 – Tarmac Driveways

The 4 best driveway paving trends in Dublin for 2021 – Tarmac Driveways

As the weeks pass by and the National lockdown continues due to the pandemic, there’s a bright covering of snow covering most of the country this February, It has been a welcome distraction for many, and an opportunity to relax and plan for the rest of 2021. If you are somebody considering some home improvements such as a new driveway or patio later this year – keep reading The Kilcroney Paving Blog for the garden design inspiration that you need.

Throughout February we’re going to talk a bit about driveways paving trends in Dublin to give you some new ideas and help guide your decision for what is the best driveway design for your home and garden. Your driveway is an important aspect of your house as it is the front facing and often the first thing many people will see as they pass by. As the driveway is so prominent in the aesthetic of a house, you don’t want it to deteriorate and look disheveled or overgrown. With this in mind, it is important to consider the ongoing maintenance that will be involved in a new garden project, as well as the overall design for your driveway.

There are plenty of different types of driveway available in 2021 and they all have pros and cons. We will try to break down the best driveway designs in this blog over the next few weeks, but if you would like to discuss your specific driveway, contact Kilcroney Paving for a free, no obligaton consutation. Kilcroney Paving contractors are experts in driveways paving and garden patios, having completed over 15,000 jobs to date, we will be sure to find the driveway paving ideas that are perfect for you.

The 5 best driveway paving trends for 2021:

1) Resin Bound Driveways

2) Tarmac

3) Gravel

4) Paving


Resin Bound Diveway


Tarmac Driveway


Gravel Driveway


Paving Driveway

2. Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac Driveways are a very popular choice for many looking to upgrade their driveways in Dublin & Wicklow. Tarmac is a tried and tested method for laying a driveway and produces great results that blend with any home or garden.

Tarmac is extremely versatile and can be laid at any time throughout the year and under most weather conditions which means the unpredictable Irish weather is not an issue. Tarmac driveways are by far the quickest and cleanest surfaces to lay with very little, if any disruption to the householder.

What is Tarmac?
Tarmac, short for tarmacadam, is a material that’s made when a layer of crushed stone or aggregate is coated and mixed with tar. This mixture is laid and then compacted with a vibrating roller to form a smooth surface for your driveway. Tarmac surfaces are very quick to install and laying on a driveway is very clean.

Tarmac is a versatile driveway paving material that can be shaped and layed to suit any garden or area. When utilizing former garden space it is required to remove all surface materials and excavate to a suitable sub-soil depth. After the excavation, it is possible to cover the area with a quality hardcore fill with minimum of 100-150 mm; This hardcore fill is rolled and compacted solid. To improve the aesthetic of the surface, edging kerbs are fitted around the perimeter of the drive or path area. The surface is covered with a Tarmac Base Coat which is rolled and compacted into position. A further Tarmac Asphalt is laid and rolled over the surface to complete the job.

Most areas/drives are suitable for a tarmac resurface, and the results look fantastic. As well as this, tarmac is very durable and weather resistant, making it a perfect surface for the unpredictable weather in Ireland. It is no wonder why tarmac driveways are very popular in Dublin & Wicklow.

Benefits of Tarmac driveways
–          Tarmac is an extremely hard wearing surface which require very little maintenance
–          Tarmac driveways are long lasting and durable
–          Quick drying with very little inconvenience to the householder during installation
–          Tarmac is a versatile driveway design that can blend well with any type of property. 
–          It is possible to shape & colour tarmac to match any property and driveway design.
–          Tarmac driveways are weather resistant – Perfect for the unpredictable Irish weather.

Check back to the Kilcroney Paving Blog next week where we will talk about Gravel driveways which are another very trendy driveway choice in Dublin for 2021. If you live in Dublin or Wicklow and would like to enquire about your driveway, Contact Thomas on 087 797 8815 for a free consultation.

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