Thinking about adding garden patios in Dublin?

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most for your back garden design.

back garden design ideas

A garden patio is an exciting idea that extends the indoor comfort to an outdoor setting. Many homeowners have a variety of creative ideas for adding comfortable living space to their back garden. A patio gives you a chance of having that barbecue in a garden or a mini party with family and friends.

In some cases, you can do this in the middle of your garden. But in other instances, you can decide to partition a small part of your back garden for this purpose. To make it elegant and unique, you may have to pick an area with enough trees already present, or you can plant some new plants and trees.

A patio comes as an escape route from the hot summer weather indoors. Many find it refreshing to spend time outside with family and friends. With the colder Irish nighttime, you may also include a well-positioned fireplace in your garden patio Dublin. This feature comes in handy to provide warmth when having a nice time with family and friends.

With the coming of the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor activities are a safer way to socialise. A patio comes as a way of making sure that you have free airflow as you spend time outside.

Types of Patios Dublin

Patios come in many designs. The main determining factor that comes into a patio is the kind of area you have selected. The size of your garden also determines how far you can go with the decorations and other ideas you may have at the back of your mind.

To begin with, you can have a patio right in your back garden. This is the type that works best with well-arranged stones and other materials. Once you have selected that area, you can break the boundaries of patios.

Think outside the box and make some excellent arrangements for the right furniture. Stones can accommodate a variety of furniture colors. But, if you select white, gray, or black, it will fit in very well.

You can also go for an idea in the middle of the garden where you may even make a fireplace. Include a hanging chair which should add some fun to the setup. You can add some color to your patio with artificial grass of your choice. That end result will be an attractive spot for an outing.

Benefits of patios Dublin

You can feel free to enjoy the company of others while observing social distance in a back garden patio. It is possible to incorporate a play area for kids too. This way, you will gain double benefits in the end. First, you have a comfortable area that is safe for socialising, and you can also use this new area for outdoor games with the kids, or even a home workout area.

In coming up with a standard patio, there is a lot of paving and landscaping involved. That is why this idea is excellent for keeping your surroundings neat and attractive. With this option, you will also not have to panic when the time comes for you to organize an outdoor party. You already have furniture and an excellent environment at your disposal. Kilcroney Paving contractors Dublin are experienced in this type of work and can advise you about the best paving solutions in the Dublin area. Check out our facebook page for all the latest Dublin patio designs.

Bring out your fresh garden design ideas in your back garden patio

Paving contractor Dublin

Instead of sticking to the usual old-fashioned patio ideas, try something new. There are lots of great new patios Dublin. You might think of an idea that brings together artificial grass with sculptures. To make it even more elegant, try building a relaxed shelter. One that allows for a lot of fresh air. Then you can include flower pots with a variety of colors.

A patio should reflect your taste and style. That is why your creativity is critical in this case. Your paving contractor Dublin can also help you find the best solutions in this regard. But you need to feel free to try new things and enjoy the adventure. Most of the garden design ideas that may come at first could sound crazy. That is the whole idea to design a garden patio that is unique to your back garden. The secret to achieving the best results is to consulting the specialist paving contractors Dublin.

Future patio ideas worth your consideration

The number of outdoor activities is likely to increase as time goes by. That is why many have anticipated that the need for patios is likely to go up. The pandemic has done its part in making sure that people don’t move around. This is the reason many will be trying to fill up the gap created during the pandemic. But even before that time, many realize that they can still manage some outdoor activity. This is where patios Dublin in your back garden come in handy.


Patios have been extremely popular in Dublin for many generations. Most back garden patios come with attractive designs that are bespoke and functional. There is an unlimited number of possible back garden designs that can be achieved when utilizing a paving contractor Dublin. With the occurrence of the covid 19 pandemic, the need for patios has continued to increase as people look for safer ways to interact with friends and family.

One advantage that has managed to make them even more attractive is the ease with which you can integrate patios Dublin . You do not need a large garden but instead you can explore many different back garden patio design ideas with any garden shape or size. A patio can fit in your back garden without problems. Why not stat working on one today? It will make the whole difference. Contact Kilcroney paving contractors Dublin for a free consultation and quote.

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